The best way to deal with both Myopia and Presbyopia

Published: 11th March 2010
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There are thousands of people who suffer from both nearsightedness and farsightedness; this is a very complicated problem and people who suffer from this eye problem have to face a lot of trouble. They have to use either eye glasses or contact lenses to deal with this problem. Using eye used to help people a lot previously, but it has been seen that people suffering from both myopia and presbyopia either used two glass specs or a single spec with two glasses in it. Using two eye glasses is often a big problem. People have to change the glass while reading and looking at something. Later, glass specs with two glasses were discovered, these spectacles helped people but they were too heavy. Two glasses were placed one on the other separated by a visible line. People got rid of all these problems when the bifocal contact lenses were discovered.

The bifocal and multifocal contact lenses have helped people, suffering from both myopia and presbyopia a lot. These contact lenses are designed in such a way that people do not have to apply any extra effort while looking or reading. The power of the lens is applied in a circular way, like the outermost circle for looking at distant objects and inner circle for reading or looking at closer objects. The discovery of bifocal contact lenses is a huge step in the medical field. Another great quality of bifocal contact lenses is the person's look. Compare between the looks of two persons, one wearing a thick glassed bifocal eye glass and another wearing an invisible bifocal contact lens, you will understand. Recently, several companies have introduced colored bifocal lenses. These lenses have spread a lot in the market as they provide both protection and style.

Teenagers often hate to wear the eye glasses because that can worsen their looks, due to which contact lenses are favorite for the teenagers. Apart from the looks, there is another factor for using contact lens instead of glass spectacles and that is the safety. Kids often face serious accidents when they fall and break the glasses; sometimes it causes severe eye injuries. Even people who have to give a lot of physical labor at their work site cannot use heavy and large eye glasses. These glass spectacles help them to protect their eyes but are very irritating and uncomfortable. Most people hate to use these large eye glasses. For these types of people and kids the contact lens is the best choice. There is no chance of any kind of accidents causing eye injuries if a person wears contact lenses or even do not have to encounter any kind of irritation.

Before shifting to a contact lens from eye glasses, a person must consult with an eye specialist. A contact lens may not suite a person's eyes and may cause damage instead of protecting the eyes. The eye specialist can tell what type of lens to use or whether use one or not. If your eyes are not suitable for any kind of lens, then unfortunately you have to stick to your eye glasses, the main purpose is to protect the eyes.

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