Types of contact lens and their functions to serve human eyes

Published: 22nd April 2010
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The use of contact lenses have increased at such a large extent that most people nowadays want to get their own pair of lenses instead of the large and thick-glassed spectacles. Lenses are far better than the shabby glass spectacle in each and every way; whether it be the use or fashion, contact lenses are advantageous over the eye glasses in every aspect. Even the variety and price of a contact lens is better than the glass specs. Contact lenses are mainly of two types, one used in the medical sector and other used in the world of fashion. Both of them are used extensively among the people. These two types of contact lenses are again subdivided into several parts. The lenses used in the medical sector are used for the protection of the human eyes; whereas the colored contact lenses are used for fashion purpose.

Contact lenses are divided into several types according to its function, construction material, design, wear time and replacement time. Contact lenses of each one of these types are available in the market. Among the above mentioned types, the distinction of contact lens according to the function is the most important. While distinguishing according to functions, lenses are of three types, corrective contact lens, therapeutic contact lens and cosmetic contact lens. The corrective lenses are used to improve the vision of one's eyes. There are several types of corrective lenses like the bifocal lenses, X-chrom lenses etc. These lenses are extensively used in the medical field. The therapeutic lenses are almost similar to the corrective lenses. They also help for protecting one's eyes. The corrective contact lens is totally different from the two other lenses. They are used mainly for fashion purpose. The colored lenses are of three types; one which is opaque and changes the color of the eyes completely; the second one is semi-opaque and do not change the color of the eyes. These lenses are used to enhance the original color of one's eyes. The third type of colored contact lens is almost invisible, a blue or green tint is provided so that people do not face any problems finding it.

Contact lens is still developing; it has not yet covered all the visionary problems that human beings face. As for the eye glasses, since they were discovered earlier than the lenses, they cover all types of eye problems. Still, people prefer contact lenses more than the eye glasses, as the lenses are advantageous over the eye glasses in almost all aspects. Lenses are much more comfortable than the eye glasses; it enhances the appearance and looks of a person; the most important quality of a contact lens is that practically anyone can use a contact lens. It can be used by an infant to a 90 year old person. People of any age can use a contact lens, but all cannot maintain a contact lens properly. The contact lens should be cleaned and disinfected regularly using the solution provided with the contact lens. A well cleaned contact lens will last for much longer period and will take better care of one's eyes.

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